They have eyes but they do not see - ears, and they do not hear.

Men are sometimes violent.

I listen to jazz sometimes.

Why did you cancel your trip?

File a police report!

He's two years older than I am.

He works in a big city hospital.

This is normal.

I've never heard so much complaining in my life.

You should tell Annard what you want.

I can't hear anything because of the noise.

If your baby is prone to rashes, you may want to apply diaper cream, powder, or petroleum jelly after cleaning your baby's bottom.


Honestly, I don't think you have what it takes to become a teacher.

It's always worth a try.

Nothing has changed for generations.

Who did Bobbie bring?

I hardly remember him.

You shamed me at the station.

It will be reported when he is coming to Japan.

Jeanette has done more than we asked him to do.

Clark is tired of dealing with Maarten.

We don't have to hide.

I received a friendly letter.

Merat is getting ready to go out.

This medicine will cure you of your skin disease.

I'll show you what I've got so far.

I just want to go to bed.

They have taken her away.

There seems to be a scarcity of Austrian chat rooms in the Web.


David went to a private boys' school.

I don't care what people think about the way I dress.

Is he interested in me or something?


Should Scotland be an independent country?

That's a good move.

Take a sweater with you so you don't catch a cold.

Tomorrow I have a cricket match. Wish me luck.

There was broken glass everywhere.

I ran away without saying anything because I didn't want to lose our love.

In the days of the knights, they wore shields to protect themselves from sword-fight wounds.

I'm trying to remember.

He put his finger to his lips as a sign to be quiet.

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You're bossy, aren't you?

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It might sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not.

Children like to pretend to be adults when they play.

Why don't you guys do something?

Someone broke all the bus shelter windows.

Is there anywhere you want to go?

He gave me a fierce look.

Spass pushed the gate open.


I go home at 6 p.m..

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Even though English is his native language, Rupert doesn't know the difference between "tough" and "though".

She never forgave him the infidelity and held it over him every chance that she got.

I'm waiting for the right woman.

He won a sizeable amount of money.

Her third movie greatly added to her reputation.

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Whenever I hear that song, I think of a certain girl.


Hang in there. Don't give up hope.


Unicorns suck.


Who was the man you were sitting next to?

You made mistakes.

Where's the big guy?

We like to learn foreign languages.

Do you know the rules of soccer?

I haven't had anything to eat all day.

They stopped laughing.

They're too busy to talk to you now.

Christie can play the guitar, I think.


Brian fell back to sleep.

I understand you!

He put the book on the shelf.

Ralph has less money than his brother does.

I just want to find them.

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We all missed you.

It was a good fight.

She didn't let him touch her baby.

Has Vladislav tried it?

The plan was being discussed.

Marek and I didn't get a chance to talk.

Talk of the devil!

We are what we think.

He is foolish to meet her again.

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What's your favorite domestic wine?


Let's come back here someday.

Tad has paid his debt to society.

All Think cares about is money.


Sabrina is mumbling something.

I have mixed feelings about this.

I didn't realize we had a meeting scheduled.

This book isn't just interesting, but also useful.

He believes every word I say.

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There are no English sentences on Tatoeba that contain the word "Lego".

I'm leaving because I don't want to keep standing around.

The daughter was irritated with her mother, who always broke her promises.

Raja went to a wedding last weekend.

He always shows cowardice.

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I hear he is somebody in his village.


Jay said he wanted to go.

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This serves the purpose.

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Mother left me a message.

Why don't you get drunk to forget?

Grant was sitting at a nearby table.

Settings are really elaborate in gothic novel.

I don't want to step on anybody's toes.

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See how much freer you feel at the keyboard after practicing your scales like the other kids?

I ran into Michael and Caroline in town this afternoon.

Finish that, and then send the whole caboodle to my cellphone.


You can't be around today.


He is running short of funds.

I love her so much I would die for her.

He's old enough to be your father.

Dick is sometimes late for school.

Good medicine is bitter to the mouth.

It is a marvel that he should say so.

I want Granville brought to justice.

My book has to be somewhere in the room.

No one is bound to the impossible, except me!


After she filled out the application, the records clerk told her that the fee was eight dollars.

Miek has been teaching French for thirteen years.

I'm a lot nicer than Al.

It became useless.

I want to learn how to snowboard.

Fresh Reader, three times more interesting than Twitter (IMO)

Does the story have a happy ending?

He aspires to become a teacher.

There was at least one person in the classroom when I left.

Don't let him down.

It's an intriguing theory, but I don't see how it can be tested.

In the begynnynge God created heaven and erth.

How can we put it into practice?

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It seems that he knows the truth.

Aha, Bancus, I thought that the boat for carrying you were in fact sail-powered.

Do you realize what would happen if you did that?


I'm freezing.


Stay at your house until six o'clock.

You said you'd help us.

They waited.


As soon as he went to bed, he fell fast asleep, for he was very tired.

I prefer to write in print.

Can I stay and help?

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She picked up the phone.


The dissemination of scientific knowledge is essential.

I've seen an article on the Tatoeba blog about a new version coming soon. Have you read it?

There's no reason to panic. Just handle it quickly.


You can't leave us, Lanny.

Mr Yamaha filled the big tray in his living room with walnuts.

Give us something to work on.

If you want to hide your face, walk naked.

Esperanto is a small language, keeps on growing.


The more you suffer in life, the more compassionate you become.

Ritalynne is going to be really proud.

Do your co-workers like their job?

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I have two foreign friends.


Is he kind to you?


That's Paula's signature.

Dan talked about his relationship with Linda.

That boy is completely nuts. He doesn't follow any rules.

Sorry, but you can't go in there.

She idled away many hours on the beach.

She gave him a big smile.

Though he is over eighty, he is still healthy.

Ahmet has to go back to Boston tomorrow.

He is one of the kindest people I know.

What kind of women do you like?

Juri signed the contract after reading it carefully.